Monday, 1 June 2015

How To Do Doctoral Research? - Tips for PhD Students

Prepare for a lonely journey, which at times, might make you want to quit. The PhD is a quintessentially a lonely endeavor.
  1. The best dissertation is a finished dissertation.
  2. Establish a study group.
  3. Plan to have a few conference and sufficient journal publications before graduation.
  4. Meet regularly with your research guide and keep her/him apprised as to your progress and the status of your research efforts. Communication is key.
  5. Figure out the main contribution of your thesis and try to express this concisely in one paragraph. Everything else builds around this. Share it with colleagues, your adviser and committee members for feedback.
  6. Try to think about your problem all the time (and may be explain what you have done recently to one of your friends). This will make you get involved in your work and you may also get some new ideas.
  7. Remember that novelty need not lie in a single great idea, but also in collection of small ideas. This is what research is. So don't wait for that single moment to come.
  8. Your thesis doesn't have to change the world. It just has to get you your PhD. Don't gets the two mixed up or you may never graduate.
  9. You have to be ready, willing, and able to multi-task. You'll be working on several projects for your adviser, several of your own ideas, teaching classes, taking classes, and dealing with your personal affairs. A multitasking ability is necessary.
  10. Beware of Copy Right Acts and avoid plagiarism.
  11. If you want to leave the PhD program, don't broadcast it. People talk way too much. If you get a job elsewhere-in industry perhaps, leave after giving the shortest ethical and legal notice.
  12. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You are not a one-man or one-woman army. It'll prevent you from "reinventing the wheel" and much unneeded effort. It will also improve you in the area of humility!
  13. Have regular deliverables and share deliverables with your adviser and committee as you go. The more you share, the less likely there are to be unpleasant surprises at the end.
  14. Separate yourself from your PhD. It's a collection of thoughts on a piece of paper. It's not you. Keep things in perspective.
  15. Take some time out for your self and family.
  16. Be an intellectual craftsman. Maintain a research notebook.
  17. Learn from your peers. Use what works and avoid what does not.
  18. Be ethical. The world of academia is small, and the word gets around soon enough!
  19. Remember the 80/20 rule. What you hear about the dissertation process is only 20%. Be observant.
  20. To start with Ph.D, first conduct a thorough review of existing literature. This will help in identifying the research gap.
  21. Understand that there is a lot of tacit knowledge surrounding the PhD (vs. formal, coded knowledge) about professors, about the process, about resources, and about pitfalls. Be aware of this and constantly try to learn by asking experts and observing those around you, especially students at a more advanced stage.
  22. The road to acquiring your PhD is often bumpy. Prepare yourself for the travel and stick to your focus.
  23. Don't be tempted by opportunities for money that may come up. Your wife or husband will definitely nag but just focus. Your friends may not understand what you are doing and may complain you don't have time for them anymore. Explain to them what you are doing but some may not understand. Don't just mind their comments.
  24. Remember that a research notebook can be anything you want it to be. The obvious thing is a record of results of your work, but it can also serve as a way of constructively 'talking to yourself.
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Career Opportunities for MPA degree graduates

A Master of Public Administration degree prepares people for careers in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses that work closely with governments. Public administrators manage nearly every aspect of public service at the federal, state and local levels. They are responsible for providing services, setting and implementing policies, and evaluating social programs, which gives them many powerful opportunities to help shape the future.
To prepare students for these responsibilities and challenges, MPA courses usually include a variety of professionally-focused, interdisciplinary subjects fields such as economics, sociology, law, anthropology, political science, and regional planning so that MPA graduates will be able to draw on a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge covering numerous topics and disciplines that are relevant to the public sector.
A core curriculum of a typical MPA program usually includes courses on microeconomics, public finance, research methods and statistics, policy process and policy analysis, public financial management, managerial accounting, leadership, planning,  Geographic Information Systems (GIS), administrative theory & practice, organizational behavior and change, legal and political context of public management, public human resources management, ethical considerations for public administration,  and program evaluation/performance measurement.
Typical areas of specialization for students pursuing an MPA degree may include nonprofit management, local government management, budgeting & finance, and human resources management, urban planning, emergency management, transportation, health care (especially public health), economic development, urban management, community development, education, non-profits, information technology, environmental policy, cultural policy, and criminal justice.
The broad scope of an MPA degree is therefore valuable preparation for many supervisory, managerial, analyst, and support-staff positions. And students who receive this degree can look forward to successful careers at all levels of government, as well as for promotion, lateral transfers, and career changes across the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.  For example, a graduate with an MPA degree may start their career as a fundraiser for a charity, and later join the staff of a government or foundation grantor.
The MPA program prepares individuals to serve as managers in the executive arm of local, state/provincial, and federal/national government, as well as in nongovernmental organization (NGO) and nonprofit sectors; it places a focus on the systematic investigation of executive organization and management. Typical jobs for MPA graduates include being a city manager and overseeing most areas of a city bureaucracy, such as personnel, finance, policy, planning, development, and other departments. And city planners usually combine their MPA training with an engineering degree so that they can design just about everything from buildings to public parks and greenspaces.
Graduates with an MPA can also work outside of government as executive directors for a variety of non-profits and associations like small trade groups. In these jobs, the MPA training is used to oversee programs, advance policy and work cooperatively with government agencies.
A graduate with an advanced degree in public administration may also pursue a career in social work, overseeing social services agencies, such as foster care or drug rehabilitation organizations and charities.
And finally, many graduates with an MPA go to work for the federal government where they work for congressional representatives, analyze budgets, develop and implement policy, and even run government agencies.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

What Do All the Titles Mean?

If you've ever wondered what the meanings are behind the letters and abbreviations at the end of your healthcare practitioner's name, you're not alone. Beyond the commonly known credentials, MD (medical doctor), RN (registered nurse) and PA (physician assistant), there is a litany of titles that signify a medical professional's specialization, training and professional affiliations. Chances are, as a patient, you know which ailments your doctor or medical professional is capable of treating. However, the medical apparel industry is tasked with understanding medical and technical titles to best serve their clients, who wear lab coats and clinician scrubs in clinical settings, at the hospital, in laboratories and at the office. Lab coats typically bear the names and titles of their owners, who are educated and trained in their chosen profession. When ordering lab coats and scrubs as gifts for graduation, white coat ceremonies or for the holidays and birthdays, it's important to obtain the recipient's correct title before it is embroidered on the coat. These abbreviations can sometimes be found on a clinician's business card but to ensure that you have the right title before ordering, check the list provided below.

A Summary of Common Medical Professional Titles

CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator
CNM – Certified Nurse Midwife
CPT - Certified Phlebotomy Technician
DHM or DHm - Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine
DMD - Doctor of Dental Medicine
DMFT - Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy
DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery
DO - Doctor of Osteopathy
DOM - Doctor of Oriental Medicine
DPM - Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
EENT or ENT - Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (MD)
EPC - Certified Exercise Physiologist
FAAD - Fellow  American Academy of Dermatology
FAAFP - Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians
FAAO - Fellow American Academy of Optometry
FAAP - Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
FACE - Fellow American College of Endocrinology
FACP - Fellow American College of Physicians
FACS - Fellow American College of Surgeons
FADA - Fellow  American Dietetic Association
FAGD - Fellow  Academy of General Dentistry
FAPhA - Fellow  American Pharmaceutical Association
FASHP - Fellow American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
FNP - Family Nurse Practitioner
FNP-C - Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified
GP - General Physician
HMD - Homeopathic Medical Doctor
IBCLC- International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
ICCE - Certified Childbirth Educator
ICPE - Certified Postnatal Educator
LAc - Licensed Acupuncturist
LCCE- Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LM - Licensed Midwife
LMA - Licensed Masters of Social Work, Adv Clinical Practitioner
LN - Licensed Nutritionist
LNC - Licensed Nutritionist Counselor
LNHA- Licensed Nursing Home Administrator
LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse
LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse

MD - Medical Doctor
ME - Medical Examiner
MHSc - Master of Health Science
MNNP - Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner
MPH - Master of Public Health
MS - Master of Science Degree
MSN - Master of Nursing
MSW - Master of Social Work
ND - Naturopathic Doctor
NMD - Naturopathic Medical Doctor
NP - Nurse Practitioner
NP-C - Nurse Practitioner, Certified
OB/GYN - Obstetrician who is also a Gynecologist
OCN - Oncology Certified Nurse
OD - Doctor of Optometry; Optometrist
ONC - Orthopaedic (Orthopedic) Nurse, Certified
OPA-C - Orthopaedic (Orthopedic) Physician Assistant, Certified
OT - Occupational Therapist
PA - Physician Assistant
PA-C - Physician Assistant, Certified
PharmD - Pharmacy Doctorate
PhD - Doctorate Degree
PsyD - Doctor of Psychology
PT - Physical Therapist
PTA - Physical Therapist Assistant
RAc - Registered Acupuncturist
RD - Registered Dietitian
RDH - Registered Dental Hygienist
RDN - Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
RKT - Registered Kinesiotherapist
RN - Registered Nurse
RN-C - Registered Nurse, Certified
RNCS - Registered Nurse Clinical Specialist
RN/NP - Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner
RPA-C - Registered Physician Assistant, Certified
RPh - Registered Pharmacist
RRT - Registered Respiratory Therapist

There are some medical apparel manufacturers that offer online ordering of lab coats and medical scrubs. Medelita's web site offers custom embroidery on women's scrubs, lab coats and nursing scrubs, for an additional charge.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Postgraduate Programme in Journalism

In today's world, internet has been playing a key role in generating awareness amongst the younger crowd. With a hope to charm the youngest crowd, which is rapidly abandoning the print word, the world's leading newspapers are increasing their presence over the web and making imaginative efforts to transform the whole business scenario of journalism thus increasing the job opportunities in the field.

Here're five good reasons to go for a master's degree in English:

1. Gain New Credentials

A post-graduation degree in mass communication gives you an edge over others and allows you to gain new credential in the field. Generally, candidates after earning a bachelor's degree choose to work in an organization thus leaving their studies behind. But to attain the managerial position in the industry, pursuing a post-graduation course is an absolute necessity.

2. A Stepping Stone for Even Further Studies

This means, if you are planning to pursue a PHD course in future, completing an MA in journalism and mass communication is a must. Masters degrees will be often required to apply for doctoral level programme. There are different types of careers to choose from when you hold a PhD and obtaining your master's degree will be a stepping stone in achieving your desired position.

3. A Way to Lucrative Jobs and High-Paid Salary

Master's degree in journalism and mass communication is a gateway to lucrative job opportunities and better career in future.  With a post-graduation degree, you will have good opportunities for advancement within the company and your chances of promotion will be more as compared to those with a simple bachelor's degree.

4. Increases Expertise in the Field

A Master's degree in mass communication and journalism increases your knowledge and expertise in the field. The post-graduation degree is specifically designed to provide necessary background and professional expertise for students planning to go into university teaching, or any other leadership roles in post-secondary schools.

5. Graba More Attractive Career
A post-graduate degree in mass communication is also important for those who want to move out of their current working sector.Another good reason to earn your master's degree in mass communication would be to find a more attractive career. Job and career planning is important, especially in tough economic times and choosing one that will continue for years ahead will allow you to have a prosperous future.

These are a few significant benefits of pursuing a Master's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. If you also want to give an edge to your career and garb a bigger job profile with high pay packets, get yourself enrolled in some top university in India and make a smarter step towards your rewarding future.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Affordable Online Master Degrees for Busy Professionals

It could take a busy professional about 12 to 36 months to finish an online master's degree after they have already earned a bachelor's degree. Affordable online master's degrees for busy professionals just make good sense and can be a big advantage career wise.

Type of Affordable, Online Master Degrees
There are basically two varieties of master's degrees obtainable via online degree programs in the United States. They are:
  • Master's of Arts
  • Master's of Science
Master's Degrees Increase the Earning Power of Professionals
Federal government's statistics demonstrate that people with a master's degree make in excess of $11,500 per year when compared to the average wage earners and more than $1,950 more, annually, when compared to individuals with mere bachelor's degrees.

Master's Degree Earners Are an Elite Few

Master's degrees are awarded to those who complete studies in a concentrated field in a certain major. After earning an accredited online masters degree, graduates can commence a career in a prized line of work, or acquire a promotion at their current place of employment. Only a very few American reach this height of education so this degree will put a busy professional in the 3 percent that have.

Master's Degree Graduates Are Experts in Their Fields

The coursework of postgraduate education is a lot more demanding than that of undergraduate studies. Those that are not self-motivated will not be able to attain this level of education. However those who manage to get through become experts in their chosen field of study.

What Must Be Done To Earn An Online Master's Degree?

Master's degree level education requires that postgraduate students take sophisticated lessons, author a thesis, and sometimes perform an internship along with having practical work experience.

Ongoing Educational Endeavors after Earning an Online Master's Degree

While most online master's degree programs are directly connected to career advancement, a number of these programs are methods of obtaining a route to a doctoral degree. Some fields require no additional education after online master's degree programs. Many masters' degrees offered by online colleges are in educational and business fields, for example online MBA or M.S. in Business Degree Programs.

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Advance Your Career With Online Masters Degree Programs

I advice you to advance your career with online masters degree programs to allow you move to the next level. Make an informed decision on the college or university to do the online program, but make sure the school is accredited by the government or regional accreditation body of the country. The institution should be capable of providing the necessary supporting materials in addition to the degree programs. 

Many people are studying accredited online master degrees in order to help them obtain higher qualifications and assist them to increase their monthly earning or salary. Before you apply to do an online master degree, you must already have completed your bachelor degree or its equivalent in the same field you are applying for. I suggest you avoid colleges or universities that accept life experiences as admission requirement into a master's degree program. Such universities or colleges that consider life experience may not be accredited. In fact, those schools are not recognized. You should not put your hard earned money into unreliable life experience institutions that can not guarantee the quality and accreditation of their higher education degree. The only option you have is to stick to college or university that offers accredited online masters degrees.

Online masters degree programs allow you flexible study hours with no time or money spent to go to campus based college to attend lectures. Masters degree qualification is very important to your career growth. You may have years of work experience but without the masters degree it can be much more difficult to go for that bigger promotion in your work place.

You can take advantage of accredited online master degree programs to manage your time very effectively than ever. Make sure you manage your profession, academic lives and at the same time maintain some stability in your personal life. Online learning program is a great alternative to those with family responsibilities because the course will help them to allocate their time to immediate priorities.

You can do online masters degree psychology, online masters degree education, online masters degree English, online masters degree counseling, online masters degree nursing, online masters degree schools, online masters degree accounting, online masters degree science, online masters degree technology, online masters degree history, online masters degree teaching, online masters degree business, online masters degree engineering at your convenient time.

Finally, make sure you do your online masters degree programs with the accredited College or University. This will give your credentials more recognition.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Your Future Prospects with Affordable Doctorate Degree Online

While money is not really a problem if you have earned enough money that you have problems with your schedule, especially when you're busy right now. It's hard enough to keep your appointments with your personal activities, stuff the already strict, and allow time for learning is not quite possible. Will you leave the idea of ​​adult education and to just stay at your current job?

Advanced Your Career with Affordable Online Learning Programs
Fortunately, there is a way for you to keep your current job, and an advanced course at the same time, and it is through affordable online learning programs. Through these online learning programs, you can advance such as Masters and Ph.D. online, no need to take courses in the universities. The only thing you need is a computer, coupled with fast and reliable Internet connection; you're all set for learning!
Schools and universities worldwide to offer these programs for people who study and earn a master's and doctorate online. With these programs, people from other parts of the world can take classes with the rest of the world at the same time present, and they do not have to study in this country and to monitor the course (s) in connection with his special field. Very handy indeed!
However, online learning programs have more than the same courses when they were taken on traditional methods of learning. Affordable online programs for the last 2-6 years, depending on the availability of students during the same course at the university in the last 2-3 years only. But since you're working, it is acceptable because you can keep your job.
Continuing Your Degree with Affordable Online Universities
If you want to continue on adult education and learning programs online, make sure that the specialization of the university is linked to your domain. For example, if you are a business student, you should make known your master's or doctoral degree online business school like the IE Business School in Spain. This will ensure you get the best possible quality of education because the faculty is well trained for this course, and it will also greatly improve your employ-ability as well!
If you are the adult education continues, and earn masters or doctorate online, make sure to meet the standards of the university and must before applying for an internship. Some universities implement strict requirements, such as good grades and a weighted average, while others require professional experience and reputation. And a search before your prospective universities, before continuing the course. This will help you determine which college is best for you.
Online promotion is the key to better and more satisfying affordable college degrees faster jobs. These are not necessary, but they give you an advantage over other employees and can help you a suitable job for themselves.